Villa Mawar Spa Treatments


Traditional Balinese Massage (1 hour) Rp.200.000- Balinese massage is a rigorous and luxurious spa treatment and a great one to choose if you want to experience a variety of massage techniques, relax and feel spiritually renewed at the same time. Balinese massage is related to the Ayurveda, the Indian holistic medical system. A relaxation massage with attitude, this treatment will boost your circulation and give you a deep tissue and muscular massage as well.


Hot Stone Massage (1 hour) Rp.200.000 - Balinese hot stone massage therapy uses flat, round stones that are smooth. The stones are heated to a comfortable temperature and then placed on the body. History has shown that hot stones have been used to heal since ancient times. Smooth stones found in river beds are often used in hot stone massage treatments as they are often found to retain heat well. The river stones are heated in water to the desired temperature, they are then placed on specific points to provide relaxation.


Reflexology Massage (1 hour) Rp.200.000- Reflexology is a holistic healing method based on the principle that congestion or tension in any part of the foot mirrors congestion or tension in a corresponding part of the body. Reflexology is a deeply relaxing therapy that works on many levels, soothing, calming, balancing and boosting the entire body, resulting in greater flexibility and mobility, comfort and relaxation. This promotes increased sense of wellbeing as toxins released from congested systems are processed and eliminated.


Aromatherapy Massage (1 hour) Rp.200.000 - De-stress your body and mind while a unique blend of aromatherapy enhances your sensory journey. Includes scalp massage and facial pressure point treatment.  This is a full body massage designed for total relaxation.


Ayurvedic Massage (1 hour) Rp.200.000- Ayurvedic massage focuses on balancing and promoting the flow of life energy through the body by manipulation of the body's energy centres. Ayurvedic massage also promotes blood and lymphatic circulation, releasing stiffness and stimulating the function of the body's organs. 


Shirodhara Massage (1 hour) Rp.200.000- Warm aromatic blended oil is poured onto the forehead with consistent flow to the point of the third eye.  This enhances blood circulation to the brain, improving mental clarity and generally releasing deeply trapped toxins. You are then left for a few minutes to relax and assimilate the experience. Best of all, you’ll emerge with a heightened state of awareness and a long-lasting sense of peace to equip you for any of life’s challenges. Shirodhara truly honours the body as a sacred temple and a vehicle for the divine spirit within


Deluxe Manicure Rp.150.000- This deluxe experience offers relaxation, renewal and a terrific moisturizing restorative treatment for nails and hands. You’ll receive a complete range of services from cleaning, buffing, and exfoliating to trimming, shaping, base-and-top coating and polishing. The cuticle, the thin piece of skin that overlaps the nail at its base, sometimes adheres to the nail - causing splits or tears in the skin that can turn into hangnails. Keeping the cuticles soft and pushed back may prevent this occurrence. During your manicure, we will soften the cuticle and gently push it back, trimming only when needed or requested. Hangnails will be trimmed to prevent further tearing. A massage for hands and arms is performed, finished with either a colour or clear polish to complete this gorgeous treat.


Deluxe Pedicure Rp.150.000 - This deluxe experience offers relaxation, renewal and a major hydrating restorative treatment for nails, feet and legs. First, a warm softening soak then hard skin is removed and an intensive moisturiser is applied to dry areas. Toe nail cuticles are softened and access is removed, improving the condition, shape and look of nails. Then you will receive a wonderfully relaxing foot and leg massage, followed with a complete range of services from buffing, trimming and shaping, to base-and-top coating and polishing. Plan on wearing sandals to ensure polish has time to dry completely.


Deluxe Facial (1 hour) Rp.200.000- This extremely relaxing treatment will nourish, hydrate and rebalance the dry, mature, sensitive or normal skin. The treatment consists of a deep cleanse, including a mild toner to freshen skin followed by a warming therapeutic massage to the face, neck and shoulders to melt away stress and tension. The massage will increase blood circulation and lymph drainage within your face, improving the condition, texture and tone of your skin. This is followed by a gentle exfoliation to remove any dead and dull skin cells, making your skin silky smooth and soft. Whilst you relax and nourish your skin with a face mask, enjoy a soothing hand and forearm massage. At the end of this relaxing treat you will have a soft, healthy, glowing complexion.


Full Body Scrub (1 hour) Rp.200.000- An energizing full body exfoliation therapy cleanses the spirit, revitalizes the energy meridians and brings tone and clarity to the skin. Oils are applied to the body, followed by salts to exfoliate and purify. Warm water washes away the stresses of the outside world before an application of body lotion to leave skin silky smooth. A sensory experience for the body that leaves skin invigorated and the spirit revitalized.


Cleopatra Package (3 hours) Rp.500.000- Revive your body and soul with this massage, body polish and facial. You will firstly be treated to a 60 minute aromatherapy massage which will ensure your aching muscles are relaxed and also help restore balance to your overall wellbeing. Your journey then continues with an amazing exfoliating body polish to revitalize your skin and stimulate circulation along with a body mask. The Cleopatra package treatment concludes with a 60min skin balancing facial customised to you skin type. During this three hour treatment you will be pampered in true style. 


We have a beautiful open air shower in our spa that you may enjoy after your massage or other luxury treatments.